In House Testing



Delatite Veterinary Services is equipped with an in-house laboratory which enables us to run common blood and urine tests in clinic and obtain results on the same day we take samples. We do still need to send more specialised tests to an external veterinary laboratory and these results do take around 24 hours to receive.


Common in house tests include:                                                               

  • Blood biochemistries
  • complete blood cell counts
  • blood clotting times
  • uranalysis
  • faecal egg counts


The benefit of being able to obtain results within minutes is that diagnosis is reached in a more timely manner resulting in the appropriate treatment being administered sooner. This is extremely important in certain conditions where a patient's condition can change rapidly. It has the added benefit of having a rapid turnaround when assessing a patient's response to treatment.

Of course as soon as we have run the appropriate in-house tests and interpreted the results we will give you a call to explain what they mean.

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