Eye & Ear Surgery


Before any Ophthalmic (or eye) surgery can be performed, a thorough eye exam needs to be completed.  At Delatite Veterinary Services, we have the equipment required to do this including a Panoptic opthalmascope which gives us a view of the inside of the eye that is five times larger than a standard opthalmascope. We also have a special dye known as fluorescein which aids in identifying damage to the cornea (the clear surface layer of the eye).  Whilst the majority of eye conditions can be treated medically some conditions do require surgery.  For certain breeds, this examination also involves the certification of breeding dogs stating their eyes are in good condition.


Our practice is fully equipped to offer the following eye surgeries:

  • Enucleation (removal) of the eye for severe glaucoma, trauma or cancer cases  

  • Entropion surgery to prevent ocular damage from inward pointing eye lashes/eyelids

  • Ectropion surgery to correct outward facing lower eyelids

  • Eyelid tumour removal

  • Cherry eye surgery to correct a protruding third eyelid in dogs

  • Surgery to repair corneal ulcers (ulcers on the eye surface)


Our veterinarians may also offer referral your pet to a qualified veterinary ophthalmologist for specialised procedures such as eye ultrasound, vision testing or cataract removal.


Sore eyes are not something we recommend watching as they are very painful and can deteriorate rapidly, in some cases resulting in blindness and /or eye removal. Please contact us immediately if you notice your dog squinting and avoiding bright, well-lit areas!



Like eyes, many issues with ears can be resolved with medical treatment. Ear conditions that may require surgery include:

  • Aural haematomas (a big blood blister that forms on the ear flap)
  • Chronic ear infections
  • Tumour removal
  • Trauma repair

 If your pet requires any of these surgeries, we will explain what the procedure entails and the after care involved.


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