June: Senior Wellness Month

Delatite Veterinary Services is pleased to announce the start of Senior Wellness Month!

We have been working hard behind the scenes to create wellness packs for our older cats and dogs, aimed at helping people to understand how their pet is ageing and what they can do as owners to help to ease the common disorders many animals face, that can be detrimental to their quality of life over time. 

Cats and Dogs over the age of 8 years of age are eligible for a FREE consultation which includes a health check. Cats will also receive a free blood pressure check, and dogs, a free occular examination, including retinal examination. Your vet will then discuss any findings with you, and make further recommendations based on those findings.

This is a wonderful opportunity to improve your cat or dogs retirement years!

*Please note: Free consultations are limited to general, healthy geriatric health checks. Specific consultations for sick patients will be charged as per regular pricing.