July : National Desexing Month

Delatite Veterinary Services would like to thank everyone who participated in National Desexing Month this month! We have successfully removed 56 ovaries, and 52 testicles, and a further 12 gonads to go before the month is out!

That is a lot of gonads!

This is a fantastic annual national initiative aimed at reducing the numbers of unwanted animals turning up at pounds and shelters, as well as being a hugely important part of individual dog and cat preventative health. The procedures performed during this month will have an incredible impact on lowering the life long risk of cancer and infection development in each and every cat and dog. 

In addition to spey and castration procedures, a number of nasal surgeries on short nose breeds, and bloat prevention surgeries on giant breed dogs were also performed to ensure maximal health in those patients.

Well-done Mansfield!