Appointment procedures

Veterinary Care is an essential part of our community and we want to assure you that DELATITE VETERINARY SERVICES is OPEN and will continue to provide services at this time.  We also want to work with you to limit direct contact, in order to focus on the safety of everyone during this pandemic.  Accordingly, we are asking for your cooperation, for the following:

Making Appointment

  • Please contact the clinic via telephone 5779 1754, to discuss your needs.
    We request that clients call ahead rather than dropping in. 

  • Large animal appointments are still running as normal, adhereing to the 1.5m social distancing rules. 

  • Calling for small animal appointments will allow us to determine whether you need an ‘in-clinic’ appointment, or if a telecommunication appointment may be adequate.  

  • Where we determine that a telecommunication appointment would be appropriate, you will be given an appointment time and the Vet will phone you at the allotted time. 
    Please note, there will still be a charge for this type of appointment.

  • If it deemed necessary for an in-clinic appointment, we will arrange a time for you to drop the patient at the clinic. 

On Arrival to the Clinic:

  • On arrival, please park outside the front of the clinic, and stay in your car. 

  • Call the clinic, or wave to reception through the window.

  • A staff member will come out to collect your pet. Dogs will be collected using our own leads. Cats will be taken from your care with your own carrier. This will be taken into the clinic and the patient transfered to one of our own carriers. Where the patient is to remain with us, the carrier will be returned to you.

  • Once inside, the Veterinarian will call you directly, and discuss your concerns. They will then perform their clinical examination and perform any testing or treatments as disucssed with you. 

  • Your pet will then be returned to you in the reverse sequence. The patient will be transfered to their own carrier/ lead, taken back out to your car. Again, please do not get out of your car to help the nurse or veterinarian in attendance.

  • Where the patient is to be admitted for a procedure over a longer period of time, the veterinarian will discuss options, risks, costs, and verbal consent to proceed will be obtained.

We understand that these are new protocols can potentially be cumbersome, but they are with everyones best interests, as well as our patients in mind. We also understand that it can be a stressful thing to leave a beloved furry friend in our care, please be rest assured that we will do our utmost to ensure that your pet is recieving the best medical and surgical care, as well as plenty of pats and cuddles!

 ​As always,  we are available 24/7 for ANY emergency! 

For more information about Coronavirus please refer to the Australian Government Department of Health Website and to the Australian Veterinary Association Website

Be informed.  Be prepared.  Be Smart.  Be Safe.

 From The Delatite Vet Services team