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Could your pet pass worms onto your family?

Your pet could pass worms onto your family. The term “zoonosis” refers to the transmission of a disease from one species to another, and in the case of worms, it’s the parasite itsel...
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Do you have that niggling itch that you have forgotten something?

Have you ever forgotten to apply your dogs flea treatments, heart-worm prevention or worm tablets when they are due? Or forgotten what dose or brand you have been using? Delatite Vet Services is able ...
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How to tell if your pet has a problem with fleas or internal parasites

Our Clients often ask, “What are the tell-tale signs of parasitic infection in pets”. This is an important question, because as pet parents, you’re most attuned to your pet’s n...
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Lungworms are the unseen danger for cats

Cats love the great outdoors and many pet parents give their feline friends the best of both worlds. Basking in the sun by day and staying warm by the fire at night. However, this idyllic lifest...
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Warm weather is here and that means… FLEAS!

Warm weather is here, and with it the increased likelihood that your dog or cat could suffer a flea infestation. Fleas are a normal part of the Australian climate and are in the environment all y...
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Calving Workshop 12th February 2018

All you need this calving season, refresh your skills and knowledge at our hands on workshop.
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